Last December, during our Holiday Help-A-Thon, we collected 49 units of blood, helping 147 patients at the time of year when it matters most. We exceeding our goal by 23%, and our donors (that's you) were so reliable, we had to TURN PEOPLE AWAY! This level of turnout is quite literally unheard of at the American Red Cross, and it's because OF YOU. So, when we offered to do a second drive this year, the Red Cross gave us even more time slots and nurse techs, so we could accommodate even more donors. On Friday, December 18th at our Nashville headquarters, we will host our third blood drive in two years, with a goal to exceed expectations yet again, and SAVE LIVES this Holiday season.

Like our previous blood drive, space is limited, and we won't let you leave a pound lighter with nothing to show for it. Donors will be granted the choice of one gift from beneath the Third Man Family Christmas Tree, and trust us, there are no ugly sweaters, socks, or vacuum cleaners in there... every wrapped mystery gift will delight and excite! (Anyone who saw last year's gifts knows we ain't kiddin' around!) If you are eligible to give blood (i.e. 17+, weighing at least 110 lbs, generally healthy, and weren't turned away for another reason in previous drives), please register with the Red Cross and sign up for a time slot HERE.

If you are trying to sign up, but all slots are already filled, please email with your name & phone number. We will put you on our waitlist, and let you know if a time slot becomes available.

Appointments will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis, and we cannot accommodate any walk-ins.

THANK YOU in advance for your generosity. It won't go unrewarded...