Approximately one year ago, Sleep and Third Man Records delighted the world with their earth-shattering release of the Weedian High-Fi edition of their classic album Dopesmoker. Highlighting an idea hatched by the band and a process perfected by the vinyl experts at Third Man Pressing in Detroit, the double LP featured the iconic, seven-pointed cannabis leaf embedded into the vinyl disc itself, a music industry first.

In the spirit of giving the fans what they want, Sleep and Third Man Records, in partnership with Doghouse Farms, are proud to announce the release of the Leaves Beneath version of their breathtaking 2018 12-inch single "Leagues Beneath." Weed leaves embedded in vinyl. Again.


This time foregoing the hazy greens and cloudy purples of vinyl wispiness for a crisp, scientifically clear vinyl tableau, the Leaves Beneath variant will be limited to 400 copies for sale exclusively at Third Man's storefront in the Cass Corridor neighborhood of Detroit. Doors open at 11am this Saturday August 26th. Each disc here is unique, bespoke, handmade, with no two looking exactly alike.