ECHOES: A Memoir Continued is available from bookstores everywhere today! Happy pub day to author Will Sergeant! Will is the co-founder and guitarist of Echo and the Bunnymen, and 'Echoes’ continues the story from where Sergeant’s best selling first memoir, ‘Bunnyman,’ left off. Now the band secures its first record deal and hits the road on tour. Get your copy of ‘Echoes’ from bookstores anywhere or Third Man physical and digital storefronts. A special, limited signed (bookplate) edition is also available direct from Third Man.

"Sergeant’s acerbic sense of humour in the telling of these tales means the memoir reads as if you’re in the pub with him."—Louder than War

“This book ‘Echoes’ is the continuing story of my —Will Sergeant, co founder and guitarist of Echo and the Bunnymen— journey in our band, we are learning on the job. The story starts when Sire Records head honcho, the late Seymore Stein, insists we replace our very primitive Drum Machine, the mini pops Jr. AKA Echo, with a real-life and not-in-the-slightest-bit primitive human drummer. We find our drummer in the form of the now deceased and much-missed Pete De Freitas. His baptism of fire was as we were bottled off the stage by Nazi Skinheads. The story continues with the joys and inventive eye-opening studio recording of our first two LPs at Rockfield Studios in the Welsh countryside. Touring distant lands, including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, and Germany. Featuring a death-defying journey through the frozen transit corridor into East Berlin. In the days when the wall was very firmly still rooted in concrete commie jackboots and dissecting that great city. Unnerving tales of fights, Acid adventures, biker gangs and back alley drunken gunmen.“
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