Third Man Records is honored to announce the next release from ambient pedal steel artist, Luke Schneider. It Is Solved by Walking EP will be available digitally from Third Man Records on July 21st, with the first single Gloria available to stream now, and available in Dolby Atmos spatial audio where applicable. An enchanting aural experience inspired by nature, Gloria is the perfect summer track for sun-kissed dawns to blue-hued dusks, and everything in between.

Stream “Gloria” HERE
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“Most folks likely associate the latin word ‘Gloria’ as a religious term of praise and adulation, bestowed upon deities and righteous or accomplished mortals. For me, it has always been an apt word to describe the overwhelming awe and peace that i feel in nature, whether that be while walking in a lush old-growth forest, gazing at a majestic vista, relaxing on a tranquil beach, or sometimes simply jogging through a humble city park. I created this piece to be a soundtrack for scenes such as these, which will obviously be different locales and times for each of us. In these environments, I encourage the listeners with the capabilities to experience the enveloping Dolby Atmos mix, and also to experiment with the noise canceling features of headphones and earbuds both on and off, so that the natural sounds of your sacred places may be able to subtly enhance this recorded music.

My hope is that this music will facilitate meditations on how we can best allow these living settings to grow wild, undisturbed, and, if needed, nurture them with thoughtful care. The more perfect they become, the more passionately we and all creatures may feel connected to the glory and eminence of this divine universe.” -Luke Schneider