We here at Third Man would like to clear up a couple of misunderstood notions floating around out there on the internet of late. Regarding Jack White’s live performances; Let us just say that there has never been a sign posted by our touring crew or team at one of Jack's shows telling people to not use Facebook or Twitter during the performance. We really encourage fans to talk about the show however they please, but just ask that they be respectful to the other concert attendees. Third Man uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr every day to communicate directly with our fans. All of these are important tools that are great to open up lines of communication for us and for you, the fans. We are not luddites who hate technology.

The only thing that we've ever asked of the audience is to not take pictures or videos while holding up their cameras, phones, etc that block other peoples view or otherwise hinder other fans concert experiences. Along with that, the bigger idea is for people to experience the event with their own eyes and not watch an entire show through a tiny screen in their hand. We have every show photographed professionally and the pictures are available from Jack White’s website shortly after to download for FREE. This way, not only do you get free professional photos of the show you were at, you don’t have to stand there holding something up in the air the entire concert.

We think that is fair and a positive thing for everyone involved and we’ve received tons of compliments and encouragement for this practice. We intend to continue in this fashion for the benefit of all involved.

Now, on a side note, the all male band on Jack White’s tour has never been called ‘Los Buzzardos’ but are called ‘The Buzzards’ (the female group is called ‘The Peacocks’). We think this is a good example that shows nowadays it's very easy for incorrect information to spread around the internet. Be it about banning Twitter at concerts, or the actual name of the band people are watching play on stage.

Thanks to all of the fans for their enormous support, and thanks for letting us clear a couple of these tiny things up.