We are now booking appointments for Third Man Recording Service, offering you the opportunity to record a 10" record, direct-to-acetate in the same way Elvis recorded his first record at Sun Records' Memphis Recording Service. Appointments are available from 9am - 6pm on April 18th, 2015 ONLY.

Those who sign up should be aware that the single mic can only accommodate about 1-3 people and certainly not a full band. 1 single acoustic instrument (+ vocals) is the preferred configuration (we will have an acoustic guitar on hand), though we will have an amp on hand for those who need to plug in. Any other instruments should be brought by the performer. Performers will have the option of having their recordings posted on our website.

Recordings will cost $100 and that price will include a custom label, made on-the-spot, as well as the 10" facsimile of Elvis' first recording, "My Happiness." Learn more about our Record Store Day releases and the Third Man Recording Service in our Record Store Day Part I of III Announcement.

UPDATE: All appointment slots have now been filled.