We are so excited to bring you a whole chimney’s worth of new merchandise just in time for you to add to your wishlists and stuff in your stockings

First and foremost, a feat of engineering for those of you who have long suffered spinning your superior vinyl on inferior machines… Introducing the Pro-Ject Limited Lightning Yellow RM 1.3 Turntable. Besides being absolutely GORGEOUS with a radical design that will be the conversation piece in any listening lounge, Pro-Ject promises that this turntable is the absolute BEST aural experience possible within this price range. We wholeheartedly agree. All specs are available on the product page. As a limited release, this turntable will not be available long, so if one has your name on it, mark our words and do not delay. Your record collection will thank you.

For those more inclined to play than to listen, we offer a newly designed set of Third Man Guitar Picks as well as a new, 3-Striped Guitar Strap.

We know many of you have been chomping at the bit for the Born Rotten 45 Box we introduced on Devil’s Night, and we’re feeling a little less naughty and a little more nice than we were back in October, so have at it! We’re also introducing a new Jack White Lazaretto 45 box. As you know, we are primarily a 7” label, and we believe our 45’s deserve good homes once they leave Third Man Headquarters…

We’ve got you covered on stocking stuffers as well. Instead of smiley faces and gold stars, reward your kid with Third Man Sticker Sheets! Light a fire under his/her ass with a Third Man Zippo! Find the key to happiness and keep it on a Third Man Keychain! Or, if you want to pull out the big guns this holiday season, there is only one gift that fits every bill, that satisfies every sense, and that promises to knock any recipient off his/her feet…

The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records, Volume 2, 1928-1932

It’s our most elaborate, our most decadent, our most stunning box set yet. Heck, it might be the most elaborate, decadent and stunning box set ever made. We pity the fool who tries to top it in beauty, scope or relevance. This 6 LP set (180 gram, alabaster vinyl, no less) with 800 newly-remastered digital tracks contains the very bedrock of American music. Complete with a 250 page clothbound, hardcover book, a 400 page field guide, and 90+ original Paramount ads, and the most jaw dropping package we could dream up, it’s a library you can carry, it’s expertise with a handle, it’s months of exploration and discovery, it’s a treasure trove with an art deco sensibility, it’s a jealousy provoking, multi-media, curvy, shiny, packed-to-the-brim, we-aren’t-even-telling-you-all-the-good-stuff, opportunity to become an EXPERT. It puts your other Christmas present ideas to shame, and you know it. Get it HERE.