2012 starts off with our third and FINAL singles compilation. 2011 was a massive year for us and it takes THREE LP's to fit all of our singles inside! We regrettably had to omit our Green Series singles from '11 because a 4 LP set was something we weren't ready to tackle just yet. We've loved the idea of these singles comps but are putting these baby's to rest, maybe one day they'll come out in some other form, but vault members will be the only ones with the vinyl albums!

To spice it up, we’re offering these three LP's on Third Man’s standard three colors of vinyl…black, yellow and white. On top of that, we're also including a full fold-out poster depicting the covers of all the singles to compliment the same poster we've included the two previous years. They all fit together so prepare to dedicate some wall space. The matching of these three pieces will rival the magnificence of the Ghent Altarpiece and will hopefully be stolen less frequently.

The 7" this quarter is a nice nugget dug up from the depths of our literal vault. Recorded during the tracking for their self-titled album in 1999, the White Stripes "Dead Leaves" and "Let's Build a Home" are versions markedly different from the ones that would eventually be recorded and released on White Blood Cells and De Stijl. This piece is truly for the fans and getting songs like these into their hands was the explicit reason the Vault was created.

Our wild card item this quarter is solar-reactive, color-changing Third Man Records logo t-shirt. "What’s all this science you speak of?" says you, the intrigued customer? Let’s break it down to brass tacks: when you wear this shirt in the sunlight or underneath the lamps in your grow house, the color of the print switches from white to yellow, again reinforcing the THREE colors idea just as we did with the triple LP set above. Final...a reason for record collectors to venture outdoors!