Record Store Day at Third Man Records was an unequivocal success... where do we even begin?

From the die-hards who camped out overnight (more than 24 hours before doors opened!), to the transcendent live performances by Karen Elson and Mark Watrous, the sundry delights provided by our friends at Hot Diggity Dog (they killed it with their Detroit Dog), Fat Bottom Brewery, Bang Candy and Las Paletas, coverage from TWO local news stations... we are absolutely ecstatic as to how the day unfolded.


To be fair, most of our excitement is tied-up in the success of our Third Man Record Booth. The dozens of people who waited in line to record their very own 111 seconds of vinyl magic walked away with one-of-a-kind audio mementos that we (and they) will never forget. Whether it was a marriage proposal, folk song, last will and testament, poem, one act play, a Sir-Mix-a-Lot cover or birthday greetings, accompanied by everything from a vintage 1920's Gibson mandolin, a boombox or an iPhone, every last recording from the booth was inspired and fulfilling. Even Neil Young stopped by and recorded a song in the booth.

The booth was carefully monitored by two engineers throughout the day to ensure all the mechanizations were in fine working order. Third Man made the decision (at least for Record Store Day) to use the highest quality aluminum substrate lacquers. These blanks offer the best fidelity for cold needle record cutting and can be played dozens and dozens of times without any noticeable audio degradation.

Record Store Day weekend has really put the booth through its paces and our engineers (Third Mangineers?) have learned a lot from this weekend and are making the necessary modifications to ensure the booth can soon be a permanent fixture in the Novelties Lounge.

Jack White also did a recording in the booth this weekend and we share that with you here for free so you can hear the warm analog fidelity that radiates out of this booth.