This past Saturday was a fantastic and historical day here at Third Man with The Shins visiting us and playing an intimate show for some hardcore fans that was recorded directly to acetate disc in our new vinyl mastering suite connected to our venue. A great big thanks to George Ingram from Nashville Record Production and Vance Powell and their crews for helping us make this dream happen on Saturday night by producing and running the machines and making sure it all ran like clockwork. And of course a thank you to The Shins and their whole crew for being such great sports and making the show as easy and as fun as it possibly could have been. They were the perfect band to help us launch this cool new system of recording live music, and Low Cut Connie weren't half bad either!

So, we are insanely over the moon excited to have The Kills coming up live this Wednesday, and again this live show will be recorded direct to acetate. Looking forward to having you all here for that (sold out) show. We'll get things started a little early on Wednesday with hot dog and burgers (with veggie options) for sale on our patio from 6:30 to 8:30. Doors for the show are at 7 and this show is 16 and up.

Again, we'll be taking pre-sales for Black and Blue split colored vinyl after the show for those in attendance. Please be sure to ask any of the helpful Third Man employees at the show if you've never joined us for a show before and aren't sure how this all works to get that vinyl! Oh, and we'll also have screen printed posters for the event available as well, designed in house by Julian Baker.

And last but most certainly not least... we don't want to forget to thank all the hard working guys and gals who have been here with us doing the actual construction on our new building, alleyway entrance, patio, and mastering studio over the past few months and helped make all of this possible. These guys all worked really hard and spared no detail and we're really indebted to their tireless work ethic and great attitudes. So please join us in a round of applause for our head contractors over at Sound Construction Inc and their team of folks listed below:

Sound Construction Inc, Don Davis Construction, 12 Street Painting, REI Concrete, John Guess Alarm, Rio Grande Fence Co, Russell Hall Plumbing, Russell Glass Company, Nashville Tent & Awning, DHC Air Conditioning, All American Hardware, Crawford Door Company, Nashville Fabricators, JKL Electric Company, American Flooring Epoxy Flooring, and Music City Masonry.

Cheers everyone... see you Wednesday!