Blakbone - Lookin' At The Sky b/w Louisiana Cockfight

Lookin' At The Sky b/w Louisiana Cockfight
I can't really figure out where in the hell this record is coming from, diametrically opposed to just about every other record I've ever seen on the Ace label.
The a-side is southern fried Allman Bros sounding Les Paul noodling. It's alright.
But holy shit, the b-side "Louisiana Cockfight" is all kinds of swamp boogie badass get you some. And best of all, if you can find it, you can get this record for cheap. Ain't nothing better than that.
Hipped to this one by the mighty David Juggles via his @jugglesrecordcollection instagram page (or was it @juggles_little_circles) and I strongly suggest hightailing it over to both of those handles for more of the same if you dig the sounds here.