As you surely know by now, we here at Third Man Records prefer to bring you only the best of news. Unfortunately, today we have some bad news. Our 7/16 show featuring Death From Above 1979 will not go on... at least not as scheduled. Due to circumstances beyond our or the band's control, the band will be postponing the first 4 of their July tour dates, and that, of course, includes ours.

This leaves ticket holders with a few options:

1. Request a refund* (if you purchased online, email to get the ball rolling, if you purchased at our Nashville storefront, bring your ticket(s) back during business hours for a full refund)


2. Hold onto your ticket/s in the event that the show is rescheduled (likely to happen within the month)**

*If and when the show is rescheduled ticket-holders who opted for a refund and forfeited their ticket(s) will not have any claim to said ticket or to a new ticket if/when remaining tickets go on sale.

**If the show is not rescheduled within 2 months, all tickets will be refunded plus tax.

And now, a message from the band:

"Dudes/dudettes, due to circumstances far beyond our control

( immigration/visa issues )

we can't make the first handful of shows this month. This is a giant bummer for us.

We'll try to make it up to you soon. - Seb & Jesse"

Our apologies for this major bummer change in plans. We hope we will have new news to delight you very soon...