We're declaring it a little early, because we are just that confident: Black Friday is going to be the best day of 2015. Why? You know why! It's a homecoming, a new beginning, a renaissance for Third Man Records as we open up our second store in Motor City, USA. The store is also the site of future Third Man Vinyl Pressing Plant, which will be operational in 2016.

We announced Third Man Cass Corridor festivities last week, but what we left out of the announcement were details about the day (both in Detroit and at our flagship in Nashville), and we are ready to fill you in on all that you need to know now.

THIRD MAN RECORDS CASS CORRIDOR, 441 W. Canfield St, Open 10am-7pm
(FYI! We WILL have a security presence for the safety those who plan on arriving before we open)

Esteemed Performers: (fittingly a little bit country, a little bit rock n roll...)

11am Lillie Mae
1pm Timmy's Organism
3pm Margo Price
5pm The Gories

Exclusive Records:

Tamla Reissues (on black vinyl)
Barrett Strong - "Let's Rock" b/w "Do the Very Best You Can"
Chico Leverett - "Solid Sender" b/w "I'll Never Love Again"
The Swinging Tigers - "Snake Walk (Part 1)" b/w "Snake Walk (Part 2)"
The Satintones - "Going to the Hop" b/w "Motor City"
Barrett Strong - "Money" b/w "Oh I Apologize"
Nick & the Jaguars - "Ich-i-bon #1" b/w "Cool and Crazy"
The Miracles - "Way Over There" b/w "(You Can) Depend on Me"
Marvin Gaye - "Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide" b/w "Never Let You Go"
The Supremes - "Buttered Popcorn" b/w "Who's Lovin You"

Wolf Eyes
I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces 12" (buttercream vinyl), "Enemy Ladder" 7" (tri-color)

Timmy's Organism
Heartless Heathen 12" (vulgar vinyl), "Get Up, Get Out" 7" (tricolor)

Video The Entertainers 12" (bootleg edition)

Jay Z Magna Carta... Holy Grail Exclusive 7" Vinyl Set

Elvis "My Happiness" 10" Facsimile of his first-ever recording (available on from the Rolling Record Store, which will be parked in front of Third Man Cass Corridor. The Rolling Record Store will also carry all the merchandise you've come to expect from everyone's favorite rollin' and rockin' yellow truck.)

PLUS One more PRETTY DAMN EXCITING release that you will hear about tomorrow... Any guesses? Some of you must have stumbled upon it while wandering the internet looking for songs that deserved a rebirth, no? Oh, we can hardly wait to fill you in...

New Merchandise to expect:

  • All new products that were debuted last week at thirdmanstore.com
  • Rob Jones-designed Third Man Cass Corridor Poster
  • TMR Stormy Kromer Hat
  • TMR Wiffle Ball & Bat
  • Aloha Detroit Hawaiian Shirt + TMR Rugby Shirt
  • TMR Cass Corridor Stickers, Buttons, Enamel Pins
  • New T-shirts and Hoodies in every shape and style imaginable!
  • Impossible Project Refurbished Polaroid Cameras + Limited Black & Yellow Instant Film
  • Sun Records Merchandise
  • Third Man Wreckers Hockey Jerseys
  • White Stripes Peppermint Air Fresheners
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • New On-Ear Headphones
  • Zines, Broadsides & Other Third Man Books offerings
  • Margo Price T-Shirts & Totes
  • New Dead Weather Apparel

*Some merchandise will be Detroit-Exclusive forever and ever. Other merchandise will be available in Nashville and thirdmanstore.com in the coming weeks...

Exclusive Third Man Books Offerings:

The worldly and wordy worms at Third Man Books have two great exclusives to offer in celebration of our new location. Maybe try the Tri-Detroit Broadside Set featuring poems by Erica Lewis, Adrian Matejka, and Jack White III; or, how about Dirtbombs drummer Patrick Pantano's new book of photos If You Don’t Have A Picture Then You Didn’t Catch A Fish featuring unpublished photos of The White Stripes, The Kills, TV on the Radio, Spiritualized and The Soledad Brothers. For icing-on-the-cake and the obligatory third item, we'll also be making available Pantano's zines Play the Drums Like This and WigWise. And for the icing on the icing, a fresh glimpse at an 'upcoming release' written by the one, the only, thee John "Inzane" Olson (aka Inzane Johnny, American Tapes, 1/3 of Wolf Eyes.) The book will be called Life is a Rip Off, and it's 12 months of daily record reviews written in Olson's inimitable slash 'n' dash language: anecdotal, immediate, reasonable, and totally baller. The first installment, three months long, is ripe for the pickin' this Friday in Detroit.


THIRD MAN RECORDS NASHVILLE HEADQUARTERS, 623 7th Avenue South, Open 10am-6pm.

Don't worry, Nashville friends. While the majority of our festivities this year are focused in the Water Winter Wonderland, we would never let a Black Friday pass without making sure we had some goodies for you too... We will be raffling of 3 copies of the elusive Jack White "High Ball Stepper" 7"... you know... the one with the velvet center label? To enter, simply stop by the store on Black Friday and the cashiers will get you signed up when you check out.

Other circular and sweet-sounding reasons to stop by this Friday....

Exclusive Offerings:

Courtney Barnett "Boxing Day Blues Revisited" 7" (tri-color)
Wolf Eyes "Enemy Ladder" 7" (tri-color)
Timmy's Organism "Get Up, Get Out" 7" (tri-color)
This Record Belongs To _____ + Manny's Childrens Turntable Bundle