The Holiday spirit has us feeling like spreading the love here at Third Man Records… Spreading the love in the form of extra Paramount goodies! We are offering an Exclusive Holiday Paramount Bundle, which includes a few coveted extras for those whose wonder extends even beyond the Cabinet-of-Wonder!


Beyond The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records, Volume 1, the first bundle extra comes in the form of Third Man's first 78 RPM record, TMR237 "Battle Royale," a duel of sermons between Sister Ernia Mae Cunningham and Reverend H. C. Gatewood, D.D.I.M.R.A. Packaged in vintage, of-the-era card stock sleeves and achieving that proper dull luster that a record in the 1920's would have had, this 78 leaves us unable to decide which fiery "sermon with singing" tips the scale to win the battle, but we look forward to hearing your opinion.

We are also pleased to include Swan Keepsakes from the New York Public Library Paramount Records event held in November, hand-letterpressed by Bryce McCloud at Isle of Printing in Nashville (also responsible for the gorgeous white birch LP folio within the Cabinet-of-Wonder), and a Paramount T-Shirt of your choice (out of the 4 available options).

The first 20 bundles ordered will arrive with a very special extra addition: aParamount Records Shadowbox. This laser cut standing card is a non-distributed promotional item for the Paramount stem, and will look fantastic in anyone's parlor or record room.

This bundle is available now only while supplies last…

For those of you who haven't yet tumbled into the Paramount rabbit hole, here's some great information coming from Time Magazine and from David Fricke's 5 star review in Mojo Magazine, both available in print now.