This is it! Tomorrow is the deadline to sign up for Vault Package #16 on Modlife as well as the final day of the Vault in its current form, meaning… Wednesday is the official launch day of the new and improved Third Man Records Vault! As we mentioned previously, your subscription with Modlife will NOT carry over. ALL members will have to re-subscribe to the new Vault in order to maintain a continuous subscription.

We realize that many of you prefer not to renew your quarterly subscription until the corresponding package has been announced, and we don’t want any loyal Vault members to miss out on content due to the timing of this launch. For that reason, all Vault content will be open and non-exclusive until Vault Package #17 is announced in early July, though please note that Vault Chat and comments will be closed to those who have not yet re-subscribed. Similarly, the Vault Novelties Shop, which will be accessible only to Platinum members, will launch AFTER the Package #17 announcement, so all members have equal opportunity to score the wares we will have to offer. (We know, we can hardly wait either!)

We have strived to fill the new Vault up with a solid collection of fun goodies for the launch, however please keep in mind that this is just the beginning. We are thrilled to use our new platform to bring you many more exclusive videos, tracks and photos, as well as the inside scoop on Third Man news and events in the weeks ahead.

This new & improved Vault is new to us too. We liken the way we feel on this day to the way the engineers of the Hadron Collider must have felt when they flipped the switch… so we appreciate your patience with us as we get these protons accelerating and unlock the keys to the universe.

Like always, please contact if you are having any trouble using the site. We hope you agree that this new Vault is going to vastly improve the way we bring you the content we all love, and we look forward to rolling out all the site’s features in the coming months.

In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up for Vault Package #16.

Please note that new subscriptions can presently only be purchased via credit/debit. We will be able to accept Paypal shortly.